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Bringing Fantasy to the Playoffs!
Playoff Fantasy Configuration Tips

At FantasyPostseason.com we provide a set of innovative configuration features that make playoff fantasy gaming fun. This page provides some tips on setting up these particular options. Check the individual sport rules for help on configuring standard fantasy options such as Free Agency deadlines.

  • Draft Type: For large leagues, consider using a Banzai draft ordering style instead of a typical Snake. Since there are fewer fantasy studs to draft in the postseason, managers with the better draft position have a considerable advantage. The Banzai draft order provides managers that draft near the end of the first round with the top picks in both the second and the third rounds of a draft. For example:

    Round 1: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Round 2: 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    Round 3: 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  • Roster Positions: Enforce position requirements, to increase the strategy involved when selecting players.

  • # of times a player can be drafted: If your league managers like to root for fantasy superstars, consider allowing players to be drafted more than once. By increasing this number, you allow more of the fantasy studs to be owned by more managers. Use our Player Pool Size Calculator to help figure out the right settings for your pool.

  • Cumulative or Average Round Performance Scoring: For the NBA, MLB and NHL playoffs choose between two different scoring options. The Cumulative Totals option calculates scores by adding each game's fantasy results to a manager's total. The Averages option scores by averaging the fantasy results over a round or a game week, depending upon whether or not your league is using a Points or H2H format.

  • Count All Games: The NBA, MLB and NHL playoffs involve seven game series. If you want to avoid penalizing players on teams that sweep their series, consider setting the 'Count All Games' setting to 'No'. This will limit the number of games for which statistics are accumulated to the best 4 games on a per player basis.

  • Configurable Roster Locking: This option provides the flexibility to lock rosters by round or by game. If you want to prevent managers from excessive free-agent activity, set the 'Free Agent Roster Lock' option to 'Per Round'. (NCAA BB, NFL only)

  • Per Player Multipliers: This feature provides the flexibility to implement league specific scoring adjustments. For example, it can be used to provide rookies with a 10% scoring bonus by adjusting the scoring multiplier to 1.1 or it can be used to encourage the selection of players on underdog teams by increasing their multipliers to 1.5.

  • Per Round Scoring Multipliers: This option provides a way of putting more emphasis on fantasy scores gained in later rounds of the playoffs. This is similar to weighing NCAA tourney rounds differently (such as 1 point per correctly predicted game in the 1st round, 2 points per game in the 2nd round, etc). Here's an example set of values that can be used in the NBA playoffs where the scores in the Finals are doubled:

    Round One: 1.0
    Round Two: 1.0
    Conference Finals: 1.0
    Finals: 2.0

    Note: Setting a round multiplier to zero effectively nullifies all of the scores accumulated for that round. This should only be done if you want to disregard a particular round of the playoffs (such as creating a league that is solely focused on the Finals). To avoid leagues with no point accumulation, we require at least one round to have a weighting other than zero.

  • # Free Agent Moves Per Team: Consider limiting the number of free agent moves to 5 or 10, to increase the strategy involved in picking up players throughout the various rounds of the playoffs.


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