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Basic Gameplay
In a 'Box Pool' league, managers choose one player per box (or grouping of similar players). These players make up a manager's roster for the entirety of the postseason. They cannot be replaced or traded.

Player Selection
To select players, managers use the 'Create My Team' action under the 'Players' menu. Once on this page, managers should select one player per player grouping by clicking on the circle next to a given player. After selecting the full set of players, managers should select the 'Submit Team' button. Managers can edit their selections until the league commissioner activates the league.

Fantasy Scoring & Winning
Scoring is determined by your league's settings. The fantasy team with the highest accumulated point total across the entire postseason is the league winner.

Commissioner Options
  • Commissioners can adjust the box configuration prior to league activation in several ways:
    • Commissioners can override the initial player box assignments via 'Edit Player Boxes' within 'Admin Tools'. The max number of player boxes is 20; the total number can be reduced by moving all players from one box to another. Important Note: Any changes made on this page will result in all player selections being reset!

    • Boxes default to a grouping of players within the same position group (i.e. QB). Commissioners can allow for a default grouping of players from different positions by switching the 'Organize Boxes by Position Group' option to 'No' via Settings | Modify League Settings.

    • By default, only a limited number of players are incorporated within the box pool. Commissioners can add/remove players from the pool via 'Exclude Players' within 'Admin Tools'.
      If a player is excluded after the selection process has begun, it is possible for that player to be on a manager's roster. If the manager subsequently selects a different player in that box on 'Create My Team', the excluded player will be replaced with the new selection. If the manager does not replace the excluded player by the time of activation, the commissioner can adjust the manager's roster via 'Roster Management' within 'Admin Tools'.
  • Once all player selections have been made, commissioners can select 'Activate League' within 'Admin Tools'. Player selections can then be viewed via 'Box Selections' within 'Players'.

  • Free Agency and Trades are not allowed. Once the league is activated, players can only be added/dropped from a manager's roster by the commissioner via 'Roster Management' within 'Admin Tools'.

  • If commissioners wish to alter the box configuration or player pool after league activation, the league must be reset via 'Reset League' within 'Admin Tools'. Resetting the league will remove any scoring and all player selections.