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Contest Overview

(1) Select a fantasy team of 10 players for the NCAA Tournament that conforms to the following roster:

5G, 5F/C

(2) Each roster can have at most 2 players from any given team and no roster changes can be made once the contest starts.

(3) Entries for this contest will be accepted until 10 minutes prior to the kickoff of the first NCAA Tournament game. The First Four will not count.

(4) This contest is FREE to enter and no purchase is necessary.

(5) Only 1 contest entry per person is allowed.

Prizes and Participation

(1) The top 5 entrants will receive the following prizes:

Grand Prize - Trophy & 1 Fake Sports T-shirt
2nd-5th place - 1 Fake Sports T-shirt

(2) All contestants agree that they have complied with all contest rules, and that Fake Sports may publicize winner's information.

(3) In the event of a tie, a coin flip will be used to determine winners.

(4) All personal information including email addresses provided by contestants will be kept confidential and secure and may be used for further marketing and promotions by Fake Sports and/or Fantasy Postseason.

(5) All decisions made by Fake Sports judges are final and binding.

(6) Fake Sports reserves right to cancel or modify this contest if it determines that the contest can't be run as originally planned or if fairness or integrity of contest compromised.

(7) Fake Sports may substitute prizes of equal value if original prizes can't be awarded.

(8) All winning contestants agree to release Fake Sports and Fantasy Postseason from any liability associated with these prizes.

(9) All contestants must be over the age of 18, citizens of the United States, and residents of states that allow such contests.

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