New Features!

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

We have added a number of new features this summer, with more on the way:

  • Drafts:
    • Changed ‘Saved’ players to a Queue (live drafts).
    • Added support for Silent Auction drafts.  Please see for more info.
    • Changed our system to limit the number of QB/DEF/Goalies that can be auto-drafted (due to the limited number of starters available).  Please see the Drafts section of the NFL/NHL Rules for more information.
    • Added Round and Pick support for offline drafts.
  • Consolidated waiver emails to one per league (now shows all Acquired/Failed to Acquire in one email, with a reason the acquisition failed).
  • Granted the commissioner the ability to apply retro scores (if the league is activated after the playoffs start).
  • Added support for Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB). Managers have a budget of 100 pts to blind bid on free agents.
  • Added a ‘Drop All’ players link on ‘Roster Management’ (to assist leagues that re-draft throughout the postseason).
  • Improved the 'Renew League' process. Commissioners can now choose which managers come across to the renewed league.
  • Completely re-designed our help documentation:
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