New Features, Updates, and the Like

     Fantasy Postseason Staff

We've made a number of updates for this upcoming football fantasy postseason.  

  • Auction drafts - a new way to draft postseason players via a live bidding process. 
  • Team Kickers - in addition to team quarterbacks and team defense and special teams, we have added team kickers as an optional roster position configuration.
  • Per Round Salary Cap - we've added a new setting "Require Managers to Select New Team Each Round" for per round salary cap games. After each round, rosters will automatically be cleared and managers will need to pick new players. 
  • DST - we have renamed the DEF roster position slot to DST. Nothing changes in terms of defensive and special teams scoring.
  • Abbreviations - we've created a helpful guide to assist with acronyms used by Fantasy Postseason. 
  • Cookie Policy Acceptance - users will be prompted to accept our site's cookie policy.

We have deprecated support of Silent Drafts - but note that a similar result can be achieved through Auction drafts (where team managers set their max bids ahead of the draft, and managers let the system auto draft players).

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