Fantasy Postseason - League Settings (29431)

League Information
League Id: 29431
League Name: Rotoworld 2013
Commissioner: RyanDadoun
League Type: NHL Playoffs
Service Level: Premium
Payment Status: Paid
League Access: Private
Password: rotoworld1
League Configuration
Max Managers: 20
Number of Managers: 10
Finalized List of Managers (Teams): No
League Format: Total Points
Salary Cap: No
Draft Type: Live Snake Draft
Allow Managers To Own Multiple Teams: No
Allow Co-Managed Teams: No
Allow New Managers To Join Activated League: No
Players Per Team: 20
Roster Positions: 7F, 3D, 3F/D, 2G, 5BENCH
Team Goalies: No
Lineup Setting: Daily
Limit Players Per Team: No
Full Lineup Required: No
# Of Managers That Can Own Each Player: 1
Hide Rosters: No
Limit Player Starts: No
Per Team Multipliers: No
Per Player Multipliers: No
Free Agency Allowed: Yes
# Free Agent Moves Per Team: 10
Unlimited Free Agency Before Postseason: Yes
Allow Eliminated Players To Be Dropped: Yes
Allow Players To Be Dropped Without Adding A Player: Yes
Waiver Wire: Yes
Waiver Priority: Continual Rolling List
Waiver Period: Post game
Last Day to Add Free Agents: June 28th
Trades Allowed: No
Fantasy Scoring
Count All Games: Yes
Scoring: Cumulative Totals
Per Goal: 2.0
Per Shot on Goal: 0.1
Per Assist: 1.0
Per Point: 0.0
Per Penalty In Minutes: 0.2
Per +/-: 0.5
Hat Trick: 5.0
Power Play Goal: 1.0
Power Play Assist: 1.0
Short Handed Goal: 3.0
Short Handed Assist: 3.0
Game Winning Goal: 2.0
OT Winning Goal: 0.0
Hits: 0.5
Faceoffs Won: 0.0
Faceoffs Lost: 0.0
Blocked Shots: 0.0
Per Save: 0.1
Per Goal Allowed: -1.0
Per Win: 3.0
Per Loss: -1.0
Shut Out: 5.0
Save % >= .920: 0.0
GAA <= 2.0: 0.0
Per Round Scoring Multipliers
Round One: 1.0
Round Two: 2.0
Conference Finals: 3.0
Stanley Cup Finals: 4.0